Cultural Heritage

Case Study: Preserving Cultural Heritage for
Future Generations

Beneficiary: Royal Godwill

Location: Omaraka Community


Cultural preservation and promotion

Revitalisation of traditional practices

Increased pride and sense of identity

Read from Royal Godwill

I grew up to hear that our community has many prestigious cultural artifacts. However, these artifacts were nowhere to be seen. They were stolen and dispersed to other parts of the country and even out of Nigeria. My community consulted a historian and an archeologist to search for and trace these artifacts with a view to retrieving them. The search paid off. In late 2021, we were informed that there were documents at the Rivers State and Cross Rivers State National Archives that could point us to our cultural heritage.

Armed with this information, we approached Aradel in 2022 to partner with the Community in obtaining these documents to enable us retrieve and restore our cultural heritage. Aradel partnered with us, and the process is ongoing.

Aradel has also partnered with my community in the sponsorship of annual wrestling competitions during festive periods. Wrestling competitions are one of the enduring cultural traditions of my community. It is a uniting factor among the youths, men and women in our society.