Partnering With Us

To enable effective collaboration towards achieving the Company’s strategic and operational needs, we are working with our partners to ensure best practices, constantly refining processes that ensure our partners work with us through requirement identification to successfully deliver of our contemplated projects and initiatives. Our supply chain is a key factor in the success of our operations. Consequently, we are always open to interest from global or domestic suppliers seeking to work with us.

How we choose our partners

As a Company with a strong regulatory compliance culture, our selection of suppliers to work with is handled by a dedicated team internally, which conducts the requires due diligence on our engagements. We seek to know more about our suppliers through:

Corporate Profile

Environmental management

Safety management

Area of specialisation

Regulatory compliance records

Sustainable Supply Chain

For a supply chain continuously capable of supporting our operations and business, we aim to utilise a long-term sourcing strategy. Our sustainable supply chain drive is underpinned by our strong ethical values in combination with our environmental, social and governance structure.We conduct detailed checks and reviews on suppliers under consideration to ensure they have the required regulatory, financial, and professional capacity.

Applicable Policies

Our approach to sustainable supply chain management is governed by our policies and processes, some of these are accessible below.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Confidential Information Policy

Promoting Local Content

Building local capacity and resources remain a core part of our strategy. As a Company, Aradel Holdings is intentional about the consumption of local content, which in turn guides our acquisition strategy for our operations, and capital project requirements except necessitated by unavailability within our local community. Our local content consumption continues to make up a significant proportion of annual goods and services utilised with only a minute contribution from non-domestic sources and underscores our drive to achieve the aspiration of the diverse national regulatory bodies including the Nigerian Content Development Monitoring Board (NCDMB). We also recognise the importance of our foreign supply network, which avails us further exposure to additional expertise, foreign direct investments, professional partnerships and an avenue to expand our horizon beyond our current capacities.

Strategic Host Community Engagement

As a business, we champion the significant role our host communities play in the success of our operations and have continued to form strategic partnerships with our host communities. We put in place a structure for supporting entrepreneurs from communities to build capacity and capability, which enables them to develop into competent suppliers in the oil and gas industry. This helps us to foster a mutually beneficial relationship in our operations within the host communities.

Contact Us

Are you a prospective supplier in possession of the required licences to transact within the Nigerian Oil and Gas sector? You can take the first step to a partnership with us through our pre-registration process to confirm your eligibility. Please email [email protected] for more information.