Our Business

Aradel Energy

A wholly owned subsidiary established to explore and harness opportunities in the energy industry, underscoring Aradel Holdings’ commitment to attaining energy independence in Nigeria. It is the operator of Ogbele and Omerelu marginal fields (onshore), as well as OPL 227 (shallow water).

Aradel Gas

A wholly owned subsidiary established to leverage investment opportunities in the gas sector. It operates a 100mmscf/d gas processing facility and supplies gas to Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG), among others.

Aradel Investments

A wholly owned subsidiary established to hold Aradel Holdings’ non-oil and gas investments.

Aradel Refineries

A 94% owned subsidiary operating the Refinery business with capacity of 11kbbl/d at the Ogbele field.

Our Strategy

Resilience: Our ability to navigate through volatile operating and market conditions, whilst adapting to changing industry dynamics.

Robustness: Our commitment to diversification and integration of our operational footprints in a complementary and efficient manner.


Redundancies: Our resolve to establish multiple and alternative operational setups, and paths to the markets.

Through the strategic integration of these pillars (the 3Rs), we are confidently driving our businesses forward, preparing to overcome challenges, capitalising on opportunities and delivering consistent value to all our stakeholders.