Energy Access: Electrification Project

Case Study: Empowering Communities with Clean Energy Solutions

Beneficiary: Sampson Moji Frank

Location: Oshiugbokor Community


Improved access to
reliable and sustainable
energy sources.

Enhanced economic

Increased productivity
and quality of life.

Read from Sampson Moji Frank

There was no electricity supply in my community for many years as we had no access to energy. Consequently, we could not engage in any meaningful economic activities or small businesses (such as welding and fabrication, hair dressing, or food sales, handset/phone repairs to name a few), that depended on electricity. However, in 2013 Aradel, through its Host Community Development Trust, provided my community with electricity. I was at the Paramount Ruler’s house the day my community was connected to the National Grid. There was much jubilation in the community and the Paramount Ruler called to thank the Managing Director at the time, Dr. Layi Fatona.

The provision of electricity brought many positive changes to my community. Personally, I was able to set up a welding and fabrication workshop which helped me practice my vocation. For instance, the fabrication of materials for the construction of Oshiugbokor electrification project was carried out right there in the community by my organisation. This led to the employment of youths in the community, thereby creating a ripple effect that flowed through all segments of the community, fostering economic growth, and improving overall well-being of the people.