Downstream Operations

Our downstream operations incorporate a range of activities involved in the refining, processing, distribution, and marketing of refined products. As an integral part of the oil and gas value chain, our downstream operations play a crucial role in transforming crude oil into various valuable end-products that meet consumer demand. Our refining process includes crude oil distillation,conversion, and product blending after which our refined products are stored and distributed. In 2010, the Company commissioned a 1000bbls/d Mini Refinery for the extraction AutomotiveGas Oil (AGO) also called diesel, from crude oil produced from the Ogbele field. Aradel was the first of such private refineries in Nigeria to receive a License to Operate (LTO) from the Federal Government. In 2014, Aradel celebrated the 1,000th Diesel Truck Load Out from the Mini Refinery.
Our Ogbele asset houses our 11,000bbls/d modular refinery, a three-train refinery that produces5 different refined products: Automotive Gas Oil (AGO), Household Kerosene (HHK), Marine Diesel Oil (MDO), High-pour Fuel Oil (HFO) and Naphtha. In 2022, after the successful debottlenecking of refinery operations and its decoupling from upstream production, refined volumes grew substantially, a trend we intend to capitalise on in the coming periods as we grow various parts of the business simultaneously. Through strategic partnerships, we have expanded our refined product distribution channels which have helped increase our delivery volumes and enhance our pricing dynamics. We also plan to venture further into downstream gas investment in the form of petrochemicals and LPG in the future.